Making coffee with the Krups coffeemaker

Two things to keep in mind:
1. one real world mug is equal to two coffeemaker cups, ie if you want to make one mug of coffee each for four people, you need to make 8 cups in the coffeemaker.
2. there are two sizes of plastic coffee scoops made by Melitta. The conical shape holds enough coffee for one coffeemaker cup; the larger, flat-bottomed scoop holds double that amount, or enough for two coffeemaker cups or one real-world mug.

To make x mugs of coffee:
1. Fill the water compartment with 2x cups as shown on the level indicator;
2. Insert a paper filter;
3. Add 2x level conical scoops of coffee, or x level flat-bottomed scoops;
4. Add some extra coffee “for the pot”; typically an extra 25%. For example, if you are making 4 mugs, use 4 level flat-bottom scoopsful, and add one extra level scoopful.
5. Enjoy!

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